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In my blog I go by Mrs. Moreno but my family and friends call me Kayla. I'm 25 years old, young, but have experienced more in my short life than most people ever will. I began blogging a little over a year ago when I started my surrogacy blog(My Journey for their Miracle) and once my surrogacy ended I decided to create another blog and continue blogging. It took me a bit to think of a blog name but we move a LOT so I came up with Moving with the Moreno's. Don't let the title fool you this blog will be more of a lifestyle blog. I will be blogging about anything and everything. Nothing is off limits. 

I am an Army wife and mommy to crazy Brett and princess Brynna. They keep me on my toes at all times, and when I say THEY I mean my Brett, Brynna, and Adam. There's never a dull moment in our house. Both of our kids are in full day school now and both are in multiple after school activities that keep us extremely busy. Adam is gone a lot so most of the time it's just me running around like a mad one juggling work, the dogs, and all the kids stuff. 

My husband, Adam, and I have been together for about 10 years. Married for 5. We did everything backwards, we had Brett, moved in together, had Brynna, and then I guess he finally realized how lucky of a guy he was to have an awesome woman like me so he proposed, and THEN I got to marry the man of my dreams. Now I'm stuck with him. But he does the dishes a lot so I guess I'll keep him :)

Currently Adam is Artillery in the United States Army. He has been in the military for a little over 5 years and has another 3 to go.
Will he stay in the full 20? I don't know and honestly I don't even know if he can answer that right now.. We just recently experienced our first deployment and I think we are preparing for another one here within the next year :(

Where did we meet... That's a hard one to answer. Sometime at the end of 2005 we met briefly and hung out in a mutual friend's backyard BUT didn't officially meet and start dating until January 2007. We both met while still in high school and I got pregnant shortly after. We had many ups and downs in the beginning of our relationship but in 2010 he proposed and then in 2011 we got married.

Brett and Brynna. These kids are little energizer bunnies. They never STOP!  I wish I could just have half the energy they have. Brett is 8 years old and in 2nd grade. Brynna is 6 years old and in kindergarten. They have grown up so fast but I have enjoyed watching every moment.
For the most part I have been a stay at home mom and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to stay home with them, but now I am also a photographer. They have done very well with each move so far and are pretty excited to live in New York. Brett told me he wants to live in Europe next year. Brett loves to read and play sports any and every sport he will try. Brynna is my little girly girl. She loves gymnastics, everything pink, princess, and posing for the camera. Oh clothes and shoes are her favorite! They keep things interesting in the Moreno household :)

Adam and I were born and raised in the good ole state, Texas. Both from a small town, Ennis, 45 minutes south of Dallas. Grew up going to the same schools, knowing pretty much the same people, and our family knew each other and grew up together. Our kids on the other hand were born in Texas but raised all over the world. Adam joined the military whenever Brett was 3 years old and Brynna was 1. Our first home in the Military was Dongducheon, South Korea(Camp Casey). It was an AMAZING experience. Our kids don't remember too much but we have LOTS of pictures. After Korea our first place to actually feel like home was Fort Bragg, NC. With the help of my wonderful mother the house actually looked like a home. I felt settled for once. Little did I know exactly 1 1/2 years later the army would be uprooting us and moving us again. To Alaska. I was okay with that though. The kids are young and we get to travel the world. Plus Alaska was my dream base. So we planned our move to Alaska. And then during our pcs the worst possible thing that could happen during a pcs happened! THEY CHANGED OUR ORDERS! Instead of going to Alaska we were now going to New York. I am extremely bummed we are not going to be living in Alaska but you know what I am super excited about living in New York. I mean they are kind of the same... Right? I'll just keep telling myself that haha. So where is home? Home is Texas but home is also where ever my husband goes. We will go where ever he goes as long as we can. 

1. I married my high school sweet heart at the age of 20.
2. I graduated high school a year early.
3. We have moved 6 times in 4 years.
4. My husband has been assigned to 4 bases in 4 years. Fort Sill, Camp Casey, Fort Bragg, and then Fort drum.
5. I HATE cleaning. I only do it because I have to.
6. Having a dirty house drives me crazy and overwhelms me.
7. When we drive long distance I can only drive 4 hours a day.
8. My favorite tv shows are Greys Anatomy, Scandal, Rookie Blue, Blue bloods, Criminal minds, Rizzoli and Isles, The Walking Dead, and Teen Wolf(yes I just admitted that haha)
9. I was a Gestational Surrogate and had a baby girl for some amazing people. If you'd like to read my blog about that you can go to My Journey for their Miracle
10. I have never smoked or done an illegal drug in my life.
11. I LOVE math even after being out of school for a few years I can't wait to get back into college and start a math class..
12. Odd numbers bother me which is why I had to do one more random fact about me to make it an even 12 haha.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd follow me by entering your email to the right. Hope you enjoyed my little intro about our family. I leave you with some photos to look at :)


  1. Adorable bio and family! We would get along great. I love Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead, and Rookie Blue. Have you started watching "How To Get Away With Murder"? It's by the same creator of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. As an ex-army wife I'm very familiar will the Army Life. As proud as I was to be married to a solider, I'm ecstatic to have my husband and life back. After 5 moves in three years, I hope we stay planted in one place for awhile so I finally have time to enjoy my home. Glad I stumbled upon your blog. Stop by sometime!


    1. Thank you so much. Sadly no I have no started watching it yet but I do have it recorded. I need to play catch up while we're on Christmas break haha. I'm pretty sure I'll love it because I love all of Shonda Rhimes tv shows :)

      We were hoping to stay at our current base for 3 or more years but we are ready to be out of this place as soon as we can. We wanted to stay settled for a bit but this place just isn't for us. We are hoping for Germany next :) And then after that somewhere closer to home and stay settled until the kids graduate high school. UNLESS the husband decides to get out.. I will for sure stop by and follow.

  2. I'm playing catch up as well. I have an on-going list of things I never get to do, but things I hope I can do while I'm on break. Shonda Rhimes knocks everything out of the ball park. I love the way her mind works.

    How long have you been in New York for? Are you living on base or off base? We knew a family that moved to Jersey but they were Air Force. Have you been able to tour NYC yet and check out all the popular spots?

    1. Yes she does! She never disappoints!

      We have only been here since October 1st and we live on base. I have a love hate relationship with it haha. I have been to NYC but it was about 5 years ago. My husband and kids haven't been yet but hopefully before my husband deploys we can go. But we will just have to see because he has a lot of training coming up.

  3. This site is cool! Thank you!

  4. CONNIE = Rose

    I love your bio! Your family is beautiful! You're so right...you have experienced more than most in your 23 years :)