Bucket List

I try to make a bucket list whenever we PCS. In Korea we were only there for a very short period of time but I am still happy with the things we were able to see and experience. In North Carolina we did a bit more but I still wish we would have done more while we lived there..

I am pretty sure we will not get to do everything on our bucket list, but we will try. Also if you don't see something on here that you think we'd like to do please let me know. I will continue adding things over time.

*for some reason the new pictures I'm trying to upload are coming out very blurry so once I figure out what is going on I'll upload pictures of us at all these places :)

1. Visit Niagara Falls✓

2. Lights on the Lake(Christmas lights)✓

3. Good Morning America✓

4. Visit NYC✓

5. Visit ground zero✓

6. Visit Hershey, PA✓

7. I'd like to see other waterfalls besides Niagara Falls✓
8. Tubing!!!✓
9. Spend a Day at Syracuse Mall✓
10. Date night in Canada✓
11. Visit Central Park✓
12. Go back to Juniors✓
13. Buy a Cannoli in NYC✓
14. Go to a Dallas Cowboys game in the Giants stadium(Adams bucket list)
15. Lake Placid Ice Festival
16. Go to a Texas Rangers while living in NY
17. Ice skate outside
18. Glamping
19. Visit Lake Placid
20. Camping in upstate NY
21. Go swimming in a swimming hole
22. Go to Boston
23. Skiing in Canada
24. Thanksgiving Day Parade

BTW if you have a place that's not in NY but in the north east states you can still recommend them. It doesn't have to be in New York we can travel out of the state :)


  1. Ive always thought about doing a bucket list but lets face it I have never been out of the state I live in. lol

    1. Every time we move I make a bucket list. Normally I forget half of it so I decided why not put it on my blog and make it public so if people travel to the places I do they could have a few ideas of things to see. We did mark a few things off our NC bucket list though haha. Hopefully in a few years we will go back and get to mark even more off our list.

  2. CONNIE = Rose

    I love the idea of a bucket list. We may be moving soon so I'll remember to do it for the next place and for the place we're in now.

    1. It really is a lot of fun crossing items off you list I will be crossing off a LOT of the items on my list within the next few months and I'm SO excited! Plus I'll probably be adding more haha

  3. I love your bucket list. I have never made one but after reading your story and looking at your list you have inspired me to make my bucket list. Thank you for your story.

    1. It is so much fun marking off things and adding new things to cross off

  4. I real New York Cannoli sounds awesome. Good Luck with your list.

  5. I live in Niagara Falls, if you want to visit a stay on the Canadian side is a must.

    1. We saw the American side already and now we want to go back and see the Canadian side because EVERYONE has said how the Canadian side is so much better :)

    2. Both sides have their charm to be honest, the American side is more scenery and the view of the falls is better and its more like a state park (despite what Jimmy Fallon says). The Canadian side is cleaner and brighter but also very expensive, every attraction there is very tourist trappy and very pricey for what they are, food on the Canadian side is extremely expensive as well. If you have kids they will love the Canadian side but be prepared to empty your wallet for the attractions and food.

  6. I love this idea. I think making obtainable goals like these in our current state is a great idea, knowing we won't be here for a long time. It'll get us out, and get us exploring. Thanks for the idea!

  7. I think that a bucket list is a great way to meet your goals as far as seeing new and different things in life. One item on my list is to visit California. I'm going to make this happen very soon.