Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New York Snow..

WOW!!!! Nature can do some beautiful things! It's seriously amazing.. GORGEOUS!

We have lived in upstate New York for about 2 months now. Before upstate New York we lived in North Carolina and before North Carolina we lived in Texas. So we haven't really experienced the whole life changing snow thing before. BUT we were so excited to finally get the opportunity to live somewhere where it has snow more than 1 week out of the year. About a month ago whenever my mom was visiting we got a little snow. Nothing too much but it was SO EXCITING! Everyone said we'd hate it but is that even possible??

IS IT????
How can you possibly hate snow?
It's like a winter wonderland!

BUT as I am typing this we currently have NO snow.... AND it's 7 degrees outside!! How is that possible?? It is unethical for it to be THIS cold with NO snow.

A few weeks ago we had our first snow storm, a lake effect snow storm. It was CRAZY! We were SLAMMED with snow! It was like nothing I had ever seen before. The kids were so excited to go play in it. And we tried... But we quickly realized this was not the type of snow storm you want to play in. It HURT! The snow was coming down sideways and piercing your skin. You couldn't even open you eyes. The whole base shut down for 3 days. Schools were closed. HIGHWAYS SHUT DOWN! The snow plows just couldn't keep up. But once the snow storm was finally over the fun began. The shoveling, snow plowing, salting, sledding, and just so much more. We shoveled some during the storm but finally had to just give up and wait for it to pass. The next morning we woke up and the kids were so excited to shovel snow and go sledding. Yes they like to shovel snow. We have a little wooded area right out our front door that's in between our house and the house across from us. No cross street.. Well the snow plows made 2 huge hills in that area and all of the neighborhood kids LOVED IT!

I can't lie though I seriously expected the snow to be at least 2 feet tall by now. I didn't expect to see any grass. But that's not at all what is going on. All the snow we got in the past month is gone. Completely GONE! And guess what tomorrow is supposed to bring..... SNOW!!!

...Do you wanna build a snowman??

The hill in our front yard haha
Another hill in our front yard :)
Another snow storm was rolling in..
Boidoe loved the snow just as much as the kids :)

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