Tuesday, September 16, 2014


FINALLY!!! We actually have official dates.. I would say they are set in stone but I don't think anything in the military is set in stone. EVER! Plus I don't want to jinx it because they may end up changing our orders yet again! But they gave us REAL DATES ON PAPER! And that's about as real as it gets in the military :)

Last night Adam and I headed back to Oklahoma and he had to sigh out of base and start leave. Now this whole pcs has been one big complication after another so it's only right for them to make something go wrong.. Adam goes in and don't have his paper work! They LOST IT! So Adam would have to go in the next morning and get it situated because he would either have to sign out on leave or stay in Oklahoma. Well thankfully they found his leave form and he was able to sign out. We were officially DONE with Fort Sill!!!

So we will be leaving Texas September 26th or 27th. And we have to get to Fort Drum, NY no later than September 30th. And HOPEFULLY we will get a house on the 1st.. I really do hope we're not in a hotel for long. We will be living in an empty house for a month or so because transportation will not pick up our HHG until we get an address :( they wont pay to put our HHG in storage again. Even though our HHG have only been in storage for no more than 21 days and they allow you 90 days in storage. But not much we can do about that.

Now I have a question for yall.. We will be driving from Dallas, Tx to Nashville, TN and then from Nashville, TN to Niagara Falls. Is there anything along the way we HAVE to see?? We probably wont be doing this drive for a long time. We are thinking about sight seeing in Nashville and then sight seeing in Niagara Falls. So any other places along the way we should see? Also if you could see ANYTHING or go ANYWHERE in the Northeast part of the United States where would you go? Who knows it may end up on our "New York Bucket List". I'm looking for sight seeing, parks, waterfalls, food places, ANYTHING! Pretty soon I will list our bucket list on the blog.

The closer we get to leaving the more excited and sad I get. I am excited to be moving to New York and be back in our own home again but also sad to be leaving Texas and leaving our friends and family. But we are ready to get settled and start having visitors, make new friends, and get to know the area we will call home the next 2-5 years :)


  1. I dont know that I could be as strong as you to move around all the time. Im sure it is exciting but at the same time sad having to leave people you connect with.

    1. This time around it was MUCH harder than the previous times. I can't lie EVERY time we have left home I have shed a few tears. But I know I will see them soon. my brother is currently visiting, my mom will be visiting soon. I will see my best friends and there moms soon AND I made an amazing friend at our previous duty station and we are planning on meeting up with the kids this summer. So even though yes it is very hard leaving it really is amazing meeting new people AND getting to catch back up with previous people. You just never know in a few years you could be stationed with people you were stationed with before.