Monday, September 1, 2014

Time For A New Blog

I thought about continuing my original blog (My Journey For Their Miracle) but I decided to keep that blog just about surrogacy and this blog will be about our everyday crazy life. You will probably enjoy it just as much as you enjoyed my surrogacy blog.

Within 3 years Adam, the kids, and I have moved to another country, and back, to another state, and back, and now we are about to be on our way to New York. We were SUPPOSED to be moving to Alaska but things changed and now we will be moving back to the east coast. NEW YORK HERE WE COME! Adam has now agreed to 5 more years in the military and who knows how many times we'll move within the next 5 years and how many different places we will see along the way. So I PLAN to blog about our experiences along the way. But I am a mom to 2 school aged kiddos, a military wife, I am planning on starting back school within the next 6 months and hopefully finding a job soon once we get there. So I will probably get busy and forget to update haha. So just bare with me :)

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