Wednesday, September 3, 2014

School Uniforms....

When I was in high school my school district and a lot of other surrounding schools decided to enforce a school uniform. This is NOT a dress code that we had the previous years but an actual uniform. You cold only wear 4 different color collared shirts and 4 different color pants. At that time I hated it. I was so mad I felt like I was being punished. I wanted to wear cute clothes and have fun picking out my wardrobe daily. Also I HATE collared shirts. What I didn't realize is once you have children you will hate it even more!

Brett has been in school for 2 years now and he just recently started year 3. Brynna also just started school this year. We moved home for the first 9 weeks of school before our pcs and the kids are going to school in the same school district I did when growing up. The school uniform policy is for kids in 1st-12th grade. Pre-K and Kindergarten don't wear school uniforms. I dislike the uniform policy even more now than I did whenever I had to wear the uniforms. I am so thankful Brynna can wear normal clothes so I didn't have to buy her a crap ton of new school clothes like I did Brett. Also I'm pretty sure he has been out of dress code 5 out of the 7 days he's been to school. I can never remember the stupid belt. Darn belt hides from me every day. I refuse to buy another one because he will only be wearing the uniform for 9 weeks and then we move.. I only bought him 5 shirts and 4 shorts and thats all because again we wont be here long. So with normal clothes I'd have a limited supply of clothes. With uniforms I have a very limited amount. It's not that I hate uniforms I just hate everything that has to go in to it. My son used to love picking out his clothes before school and now showing him his clothes in the morning is so boring. haha. I understand why the school has uniforms but I still dislike them. In a month and a half we will be back in a military school and out of the uniform school :)

BTW before anyone suggests it I do pick out the kids clothes the night before. Normally Sunday evening before I put the kids to be I pick out their clothes for the week and put them in their little cubby closet organizer thing. But currently it is sitting in Alaska and we are in Texas. So for now I just pick them out every night before I go to bed.


  1. I wore a uniform in school too, districts don't realize what happens when they make a mandatory uniform, what happens is a lot of kids end up in very shabby looking clothes because the parents don't want to buy more, especially senior year or towards the end of the year. We had kids coming in with shoes duct taped together or just plain falling apart and yellow shirts (white was required) all year round. Stains were everywhere, especially since white was required. Most guys cut the ends of their shirts off and wore the school sweatshirt over it because being constantly told to tuck them in gets old. It did nothing for us, except put us in a mind set where most of us didn't know how to dress after high school, since we wore the same thing every day and definitely didn't teach us to be neat and clean... if anything it taught us no one cared about stains, duct taped shoes. etc. The teachers would have rather had us duct tape our shoes instead of wear a pair of sneakers or whatever we had at home for the last 4-5 days of school because buying a new pair at the end of the year was a waste.

  2. I never thought about the issue of parents not wanting to refresh a uniformed wardrobe. I am a teacher and have always thought uniforms would be a good way to go. Now I'm rethinking it!